CEILS Journal Club for STEM Education Research

WHEN:  Fridays every academic quarter from 2:00 – 3:00 PM
WHERE:  1100 Terasaki Life Science Bldg. (unless otherwise noted)
WHAT IS IT ABOUT: Participants explore relevant education literature in more depth and develop greater understanding of assessment techniques and data analysis methods. Presenters may select a paper and lead a discussion about how education researchers have documented the relationship between effective teaching practices and their impact on student learning, knowledge retention, and persistence in STEM majors. Alternatively, presenters describe classroom innovations and evidence-based instructional strategies they are trying in their own courses, soliciting feedback from participants while sharing their expertise in a variety of areas supporting instruction and assessment in STEM classrooms. Faculty, graduate students, and postdocs are welcome to participate!
  • February 8 – Nancy Day, Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology- “Excelling at Excel: Promoting student success in STEM with a short Excel tutorial”
  • February 15 – Kristin McCully, Teaching Fellow for Mathematics for Life Sciences; Timothy Hamilton – UCLA Learning Assistant Program Development Team, “Influence of active learning practices on student anxiety”
  • February 22 – Melissa Paquette-Smith, Assistant Teaching Professor (LPSOE) Department of Psychology – “The effectiveness of teaching technology in promoting equality and facilitating student learning and engagement”
  • March 1 – Dhiraj Nallapothula, Selina Han and Carlos Herrera – UCLA undergraduate students under the mentorship of Jeff Maloy, LS Core Academic Administrator – “Enhancing Motivational Predictors of Student Success in the Life Sciences”
  • March 15 – Helen Vuong, Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology, CIRTL Teaching-as-Research Project Presentation
MORE INFO: View the STEM Education Research Journal Club event page for more details.