CEILS Journal Club for STEM Education Research

WHEN: Fridays every academic quarter from 2:00 – 3:00 PM

WHERE: 1100 Terasaki Life Science Bldg. (unless otherwise noted)

WHAT IS IT ABOUT: Participants explore relevant education literature in more depth and develop greater understanding of assessment techniques and data analysis methods. Presenters may select a paper and lead a discussion about how education researchers have documented the relationship between effective teaching practices and their impact on student learning, knowledge retention, and persistence in STEM majors. Alternatively, presenters describe classroom innovations and evidence-based instructional strategies they are trying in their own courses, soliciting feedback from participants while sharing their expertise in a variety of areas supporting instruction and assessment in STEM classrooms. Faculty, graduate students, and postdocs are welcome to participate!


  • January 31-Manisha Chase will present a Critical Assessment: Student-Centered Assessment Practice
  • February 14- Mahtash Esfandiari (Senior Lecturer); Shiyu Ji (Graduate Student) will present Theoretical Models and Strategies for Helping Math and Statistics Instructors Evaluate Active Learning, Generation of knowledge, and Metacognition
  • February 21-Panel and presentation sponsored by UCLA’s Center for Diverse Leadership in STEM will present Obstacles of Underrepresented People of Color in STEM and Strategies for Diversifying STEM Fields
  • October 18 – Siobhan Braybrook, Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, will present Diversity/Inclusion- Based Topic
  • October 25 – Anju Relan, Adjunct Professor in School of Medicine & Tara Vijayan, Clinical Faculty in Infectious Disease, will present Team-Based Learning: Outcomes of a Modified Approach to teach Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • November 1 – Jess Schnitka, Doctoral Student in Department of Education, will present What Does it Mean to be Culturally Responsive while Teaching Statistics and Research Methodology?
  • November 8 – Jennifer Casey, Assistant Adjunct Professor in Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, will present The Implementation of Application-Based Science Education Videos in an Undergraduate General Chemistry Laboratory for Life Science Majors
  • November 15 – Jeff Maloy, Academic Administrator in Life Science Core, will present M-LoCUS: A scalable intervention enhances growth mindset and internal locus of control in undergraduate students in STEM
  • November 22 – Benjamin Ha, PhD Student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, will present Student use drawing activities as a study tool, but what do they draw from them academically?
  • December 6 – Jessica Cleeves, Associate Director of Equitable Instruction and Clinical Support, University of Utah Center for Science and Mathematics Education, Topic: Practicing Into Inclusion: Utilizing a Learning Assistant Pedagogy Course to Explore and Address Impacts of Structural Oppression on Learning

Past Journal Club Presentations:

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