CEILS Publications and Presentations

Members of the CEILS team have contributed to the publication of many peer-reviewed manuscripts and presentations contributing to education research in STEM, listed as follows. Co-authors on many of these publications include members of the broader CEILS community with whom the CEILS directors collaborated on these projects.




Conference Presentations

Austin, A., Kennison, R. Grassroots Leadership: Preparing Teaching-Focused Faculty to Enact Change. Critical Issues in Mathematics Education 2024: Bringing Innovation to Scale: Teaching-Focused Faculty as Change Agents (2024) Link – https://vimeo.com/931220630..

Gregg, J., Magruder, E., Saichai, K. (2024, April 18) “Special Interest Group: Seeing the Big Picture: Faculty/Educational Development in Modern Times” A SIG Hosted by the POD Network in Higher Education.  Academic Resource Conference (ARC) for the WASC Senior College and University Commission



Hà, B.A., Foxx, K., Mensah, S.T., Barber, P.H., Kennison, R.L. (2023) Interdisciplinary approaches to advancing anti-racist pedagogies in ecology, evolution, and conservation biology. Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Casey, J. R., Supriya, K., Shaked, S., Caram, J. R., Russell, A., & Courey, A. J. (2023). Participation in a High-Structure General Chemistry Course Increases Student Sense of Belonging and Persistence to Organic Chemistry. Journal of chemical education, 100(8), 2860-2872.

Lewis, B., Supriya, K., Read, G., Dixie, K., Friscia, A., Kennison, R. (2023) Effects of Popular Science Writing Instruction on General Education Student Attitudes Towards Science: A Case Study in Astronomy. Astronomy Education Journal

Callejas I.A., Huang L., Cira M., Croze B., Lee C.M., Cason T., Schiffler E., Soos C., Stainier P., Wang Z., Shaked S, McClellan M, Hung W, Jay JA. Use of Google Earth Engine for Teaching Coding and Monitoring of Environmental Change: A Case Study among STEM and Non-STEM Students. Sustainability. 2023; 15(15):11995. https://doi.org/10.3390/su151511995 

Paquette-Smith M., Breland H., Clark C., Shaked S. (2023) The benefits of participating in a Learning Assistant Program on the metacognitive awareness and motivation of Learning Assistants. CBE-Life Sciences Education. https://www.lifescied.org/doi/10.1187/cbe.22-08-0156

Conference Presentations

Gregg, J., Oyugi, M. and Wright, M. (2023, July 19) Building Regional Cross-Institution Collaboratives Across the Nation: The Aspire Regional Change Initiative Shares Our 5-Year Story. Presentation for the Aspire National Summit at UCLA.

Gregg, J., Kennison, R., Magruder, E., Saichai, K. (2023, April 19) “Special Interest Group: Faculty/Educational Development and Assessment: Better Together” A SIG Hosted by the POD Network in Higher Education. Academic Resource Conference (ARC) for the WASC Senior College and University Commission

Gregg, J. (2023, March 3) UCLA Virtual Town Hall “What is ChatGPT, and how does it relate to UCLA’s academic mission?” Recording available: https://youtu.be/j2WVsxXKa0s Role: Panel Moderator

Gregg, J. (2023, February 8) CEILS Ed Talk: What’s all the buzz about ChatGPT? Recording available: https://youtu.be/kQG39meoaFw



Amy Liu, Casey Shapiro, Jess Gregg, Marc Levis-Fitzgerald, Erin Sanders O’Leary & Rachel L. Kennison (2022) Scaling up a life sciences college career exploration course to foster STEM confidence and career self-efficacy, Research in Science & Technological Education, DOI: 10.1080/02635143.2022.2083599

Sanders O’Leary E, Eagan MK, Fregoso J, Conley W, Garfinkel A, Shevtsov J, Hasson T, and Van Valkenburgh B (in preparation). Reimagining the Introductory Math Curriculum for Life Science Majors. Intended for submission to CBE-Life Sciences Education.

Sanders O’Leary E, Wahl K, Sellami N, Hurtado S, and Sork VL (in preparation). Norm- referenced Grading Practices Widen the Performance Gap for College Students Underrepresented and Underserved in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Intended for submission to PLOS ONE.

Conference Presentations

Roberts, J., Supriya, K. Decentering whiteness in educational design using a design justice lens. American Association of Colleges & Universities Conference on Diversity, Equity, and Student Success (2022) [Number of workshop participants ~ 50]

Hammonds N, Roberts J, Shaked S, Supriya K. 2022. Integrating Undergraduates into Course Design Towards Inclusivity and Design Justice. POD Network Conference. Seattle, WA.

[Invited Speaker] Carlisle D, Frederick J, Griffith K, Shaked S. 2022. NSEC Webinar: Center Roles in Undergraduate STEM Education: A Guide for Self-Evaluation. Network of STEM Education Centers.

Kennison R, Shaked S, Ortiz D. 2022. Thinking Out of the Box: An Anti-racist Educator program for ALL faculty. American Association of Colleges & Universities 2022 Conference on Diversity, Equity, and Student Success. New Orleans, LA.



Worsham, D., Hoffner, C. Shaked, S. Creating a STEM Collaborative Learning Center: A Case Study. (2021). Journal of Learning Spaces 10(1).



O’Leary, E.S., Shapiro, C., Toma, S. et al. Creating inclusive classrooms by engaging STEM faculty in culturally responsive teaching workshops. IJ STEM Ed 7, 32 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1186/s40594-020-00230-7

Conference Presentations

[Invited Speaker] Kennison R, Shaked S, Gregg J, O’Leary E. 2020. NSEC Webinar on Center Evaluations. National STEM Education Centers 2020. Zoom.

Kennison R, Gregg J, Shaked S, O’Leary E. 2020. Applying a six-level framework to evaluate the impact of a STEM center on faculty, students, and institutional transformation. National STEM Education Centers 2020 Conference. Zoom. 


Conference Presentations

Shaked S. 2019. Transforming STEM gateway courses: or How we learned to stop worrying about just one approach and love the different pathways. Accelerating Systemic Change Network. Pittsburgh, PA.



Lee CJ, Toven-Lindsey B, Shapiro C, Soh M, Mazrouee S, Levis-Fitzgerald M, and Sanders ER (2018) Error-Discovery Learning Boosts Student Engagement and Performance, while Reducing Student Attrition in a Bioinformatics Course. CBE-Life Sciences Education 17(3): 1-13. DOI:10.1187/cbe.17-04-0061.

Stains M, Harshman J, Barker MK, Chasteen SV, Cole R, DeChenne-Peters SE, Eagan Jr. MK, Esson JM, Knight JK, Laski FA, Levis-Fitzgerald M, Lee CJ, Lo SM, McDonnell LM, McKay TA, Michelotti N, Musgrove A, Palmer MS, Plank KM, Rodela TM, Sanders ER, Schimpf NG, Schulte PM, Smith MK, Stetzer M, Van Valkenburgh B, Vinson E, Weir LK, Wendel PJ, Wheeler LB, and Young AM (2018) Anatomy of STEM Teaching in North American Universities. Science 359(6383): 1468-1470. DOI: 10.1126/science.aap8892.

Conference Presentations

Shaked S, Sellami N, and Sanders E (2018) Introducing and institutionalizing a Learning Assistant program helped a campus transform ALL gateway STEM series. Reinvention Collaborative National Conference. Cultivating Curiosity, Creativity, and Discovery: Undergraduate Educational Experiences in Research Universities. Arlington, VA. https://www.rc-2020.org/shakedsellamisanders 

Tripati A, Hurtado S, Cobian K, Shaked S, Raphael M, Kruythoff A & Larsen K. 2018. Transforming geoscience and environmental science: Changing the culture and widening the pathways (Invited Presentation). Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. Indianapolis, Indiana.

Trammell G, Arisaka K, Mills E+, Samani J, and Shaked, S. 2018. New Development of Physics Courses Optimized for Life Science Majors. American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting

Shaked, S. 2018. Transforming STEM gateway courses: or How we learned to stop worrying about just one approach and love the different pathways. National STEM Education Centers Conference. Columbus, OH.

[Invited Panelist] Shaked, S. 2018. Using Learning Assistants and Peer-Led Supplemental Instruction to Increase Academic Success in Gateway Courses. Gardner Institute Gateway Course Conference. Houston.



Sellami N, Shaked S, Laski F, Eagan MK, and Sanders ER (2017). Implementation of a Learning Assistants Program Improves Student Performance on Higher-Order Assessments. CBE-Life Sciences Education 16(4): ar62. DOI: 10.1187/cbe.16-12-0341.

Conference Presentations

Toven-Lindsey, B.; Amin, S.+; Ho, D.; Shah, N.; Azizollahi, R.; Nguyen, N; Wahl, K. & Shaked, S. 2017. Undergraduate STEM Students Learn More, Fail Less, and Have Decreased Achievement Gaps with Active Learning Strategies, Even from Novice Instructors. National STEM Education Centers Conference. New Orleans.

Toven-Lindsey, B., Amin, S.+, Shapiro, C., Whang, H., Levis-Fitzgerald, M., Sanders E., Wahl, K. & Shaked, S. 2017. Undergraduate STEM Students Learn More and Fail Less with Active Learning Strategies, Even from Novice Instructors. 2017 AAC&U Transforming STEM Higher Education: Discovery, Innovation, and the Value of Evidence. San Francisco.



Sanders ER, Moberg-Parker J, Hirsch AM, Lee PY, Shapiro C, Toma S, and Levis- Fitzgerald M (2016) Transforming Laboratory Education in the Life Sciences: A Scalable Framework for Designing Authentic Undergraduate Research Experience-based Courses Benefits Both Students and Faculty. Microbe 11(2): 69-74.



Shapiro C, Moberg-Parker J, Toma S, Ayon C, Zimmerman H, Roth-Johnson EA, Hancock S, Levis-Fitzgerald M, and Sanders ER (2015) Comparing the Impact of Course-based and Apprentice-based Research Experiences in a Life Science Laboratory Curriculum. J. Microbiol. Biol. Educ. 16(2): 186-197.



Sanders ER and Hirsch AM (2014). Immersing Undergraduate Students into Research on the Metagenomics of the Plant Rhizosphere: A Pedagogical Strategy to Engage Civic-Mindedness and Retain Undergraduates in STEM. Front. Plant Sci. 5: 157.