Out of the Box was an educational initiative led by Life Sciences Dean Tracy Johnson in collaboration with CEILS to provide resources and time to support instructors in rising to the occasion, to get from “good enough” teaching to deliberate and inclusive teaching tailored to the needs of our students. Learn more about Out of the Box here.

Flyer for the Out of the Box: Reimagining Virtual Teaching in Winter 2021

The faculty below demonstrated unwavering commitment to their students’ success. Congratulations on a job well done!

Fall 2020 Out of the Box Cohort

Amber Ankowski, Psychology
Steve Bennoun, Psychology
David Clewett, Psychology
Amy Fluitt, Biomedical Research Minor
Caitlin Fong, Ecology & Evolutionary Bio
Anthony Friscia, Integrative Bio & Physiology
Katie Gallagher, Molecular, Cell, & Dev Bio
Karen Givvin, Psychology
Andrew Goldstein, Molecular Bio
Leryn Gorlitsky, Environment & Sustainability
William Grisham, Psychology
Elisheva Gross, Psychology
Tonya Kane, Ecology & Evolutionary Bio
Jukka Keranen, Life Sciences Core
Rana Khankan, Life Sciences Core
Pei Lee, Molecular, Cell, & Dev. Bio
Alison Lipman, Environment & Sustainability
Bita Mesri, Psychology
Lauren Ng, Psychology
Jordan Parker, Microbio, Immuno, & Mol Gen
Gaston Pfluegl, Life Sciences Core
Jay Phelan, Evolutionary Medicine
Debra Pires, Life Sciences Core
Nat Prunet, Molecular, Cell, & Dev. Bio
Michelle Rensel, Society & Genetics
Jesse Rissman, Psychology
Michael Scroggins, Society & Genetics
Rebecca Shipe, Environment & Sustainability
Kirsten Turlo, Biomedical Research Minor

Winter 2021 Out of the Box Cohort

Siobhan Braybrook, Molecular, Cell, & Dev Biology
Jennifer Casey, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Maria Cha, Statistics
Courtney Clark, Psychology
Ana Garcia Vedrenne, Ecology & Evolutionary Bio
Franklin Ow, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Melissa Paquette-Smith, Psychology
Rachel Prunier, Ecology & Evolutionary Bio
Carrie Spratford, Biomedical Research