What’s All the Buzz About ChatGPT and AI in Higher Ed?”

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Time stamps:

Introduction, Brief Statement on Ethical Issues with ChatGPT: 0 – 5:00 min

What is ChatGPT? with tour: 5:00 – 13:50

Inflection Points: Academic Integrity & How to Utilize ChatGPT – Resources Overview:  13:50 – 30:00

Activity and Discussion: 30:00 – End


February 8 | What’s All the Buzz About ChatGPT and AI in Higher Ed? 

Are your students using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to complete their homework? In this interactive talk we will take a look at ChatGPT – its functionality, potential uses, and examples of things it does well and some it is still learning to do. 

We will then explore several potential impacts that ChatGPT and similar AI technology may have on higher education and in our classrooms here at UCLA:

  • Should use of this technology be considered “cheating” and under what conditions? What guidelines might instructors communicate about use of this tool for coursework? Is a “ban” (as some schools are attempting to do) the right way to go – or even possible to enforce?
  • If AI is going to be an important tool in the future careers of our students, how can we embrace the use of these tools now? Might these tools be used to enhance student learning, rather than compromise it?
  • What are some examples of how instructors are using these tools currently and/or augmenting course activities to account for them?
  • What broader research questions do we have moving forward and how might you pilot some education research on this tool in your own classroom? 

PDF of Slides from CEILS Ed Talk on ChatGPT

Featured Resources:

Schools Must Embrace the Looming Disruption of ChatGPT” (Sarah Dillard – thought piece on the importance of embracing AI in education)

Practical Responses to ChatGPT – Montclair State University (strategies for redesigning assessments)

Using Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom (University of Wisconsin-Madison, step-by-step guidance for instructors)

Additional Resources:

Lee Skallerup Bessette’s Zotero bibliography for Chat GPT
Podcast: How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Higher Education
How ChatGPT Works
Update Your Course Syllabus for chatGPT
Generative AI Tools and Resources – From Kim DeBacco (UCLA)
Generative AI (GPT) in Higher Ed curated resources with nice glossary of definitions
What is the difference between academic integrity and plagiarism?

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