Katie Healey, Ph.D. (she/her)

Dr. Katie Healey earned her PhD from Yale University in the Program for the History of Science and Medicine in 2019. Her research examines the intersections of disability, deception, and technology during twentieth-century warfare. She was Visiting Assistant Professor in the department of Science, Technology, and Society at Rochester Institute of Technology from 2019-2021, where she taught courses in environmental studies; science, technology, and gender; biomedical issues and epidemic disease; and social consequences of technology.

As an historian of disability, sound, and the senses, she confronts the historical discipline’s long-standing ocularcentrism. She believes that careful engagement of multiple senses provides a more complete reconstruction of the past and also honors learner variability. She is a champion of Universal Design for Learning, an instructional framework that reduces educational barriers for all students through flexible instruction and assessment. As Associate Director for Collaborative Initiatives in Faculty Development at UCLA, she is excited to collaborate with instructors on accessible and equitable instruction and is dedicated to promoting a more inclusive academy.