Innovators in Teaching and Learning

Meet some of our UCLA Instructors in the Life and Physical Sciences who are implementing innovative course design and curriculum to foster equitable and inclusive classroom cultures at UCLA where all students can thrive. 

Professor Kirsten Turlo

Lecturer | UCLA Biomedical Research Minor

Teaching Innovation: Professors Turlo and Rigueur have created a course to support…..

Professor Jeff Maloy

Assistant Teaching Professor | Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Teaching Innovation: Two-stage exams, nature of and positionality in science, science and society, and learning pods

Professor Tonya Kane

Lecturer | Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 

Teaching Innovation: Engaging students in lower and upper division courses in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Professor Jennifer Casey

Assistant Adjunct Professor | Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Teaching Innovation: Using POGIL to Create Community in the Classroom

Professor Siobhan Braybrook

Teaching Innovation: Combining Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning (+ increasing student agency)




Dean Tracy Johnson

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