Delivering STEM Labs Remotely

Delivering STEM Labs Remotely (March, 2020)

Facilitated by CEILS Director, Erin Sanders O’Leary, and Life Science Core Labs Director, Gaston Pfluegl.

Description: The goal of this Zoom session is to brainstorm and discuss pedagogically optimal strategies for delivering remote/ online labs. Among us are many wonderful experts on campus who have been actively thinking about these issues already and have tried activities out in the past and thus have experiential knowledge we can all draw from in making decisions that make sense for our students. We will explore multiple approaches, with attention to accessibility issues and other equity concerns as part of the design/planning process.


Resources to Support Remote / Virtual Lab Instruction

The Chronicle of Higher Education, “How to Quickly (and Safely) Move a Lab Course Online

Please use this link to access a spreadsheet with links to existing online materials, sorted by discipline:

Many people from education networks from across the country have contributed to this list of resources.  We thank the science education community for sharing their knowledge of materials and, when possible, providing free access to resources  during the coming term.

A summary of recommendations for implementing pedagogically optimal strategies to deliver remote / online labs is forthcoming and will be accessible via this link:–s4zoWvyOUyWgn3Kl7Aj3VtuS0_Vy9F628c/edit?usp=sharing

Link to webinar presented by Labster, a virtual lab/simulation tool, “Digital Strategy in Action: Moving My Science Course Online”: