Introducing the new STEM Collaborative Learning Center!

The STEM Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) is a pilot program being implemented by UCLA Library, the undergraduate Learning Assistant (LA) program, and PEERSIt is located in the Boelter Science & Engineering Library in 8251 Boelter Hall.

The main mission is to provide a central space to foster collaborative learning among STEM majors, while introducing students to library facilities and research resources. In this pilot, the space will be used for a combination of drop-in collaborative learning and facilitated workshops. Here is a tentative schedule for the Fall 2017 quarter (subject to change during the first few weeks). Drop-ins are welcome to all activities, except the PEERS workshops.

“LA Weekly Workshops” are where LAs provide sets of instructor-approved questions to groups of 10-35 students. LAs circulate and provide guidance as students get to collaboratively work through these. This is a great opportunity to build problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding by talking through things with peers and LAs.


Shanna Shaked

Senior Associate Director of CEILS for Physical Sciences Initiatives
Director of Learning Assistant program

Office Location: Young Hall 3077D