Faculty Learning Program to Improve STEM Undergraduate Teaching and Learning

CEILS offers faculty teaching development to interested UCLA and Community College STEM faculty through participation in Transforming College Teaching: Statewide Implementation of the Faculty Learning Program to Improve Stem Undergraduate Teaching and Learning.

The University of California Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science and the Center for Teaching and Learning received an NSF IUSE grant to improve student achievement in STEM undergraduate courses through statewide transformation of college level teaching. STEM faculty from 2- and 4-year institutions participate in the Faculty Learning Program together to learn and improve their instructional practice, and build relationships and understanding of one another’s teaching and learning contexts. UCLA, along with local community colleges with high transfer rates have been expressly asked to participate in this statewide program.

For more information on this program and what is expected, please see this one-page summary: Faculty Learning Program

Participants have been selected for 2017, but we encourage anyone interested in the 2018 program to contact Rachel Kennison at rkennison@ceils.ucla.edu.

Thank you!

Mobile Summer Institutes

Summer Institute Logo with Sponsors

The Summer Institutes model the scientific teaching principles they teach. The institutes invite college and university faculty, instructional staff, and future faculty to develop teaching skills at multi-day workshops to transform the undergraduate classroom. They draw on the expertise of participants and presenters. Current research, active learning, assessment, and inclusive teaching are woven into the program, creating a forum to share ideas and develop innovative instructional materials to be implemented upon returning home.

CEILS has supported the attendance of several faculty at the Mobile Summer Institutes in different regions of the country.

Applications now open for our 2017 Summer Institute! Click here for more information and to submit your application.

A list of faculty who have become “Scientific Teaching Fellows” by attending a summer institute can be viewed under “Change Agents”.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Mission:  Build an equal learning and working environment, by holding ourselves accountable to our professed ideals.

Slogan: Build equity, for all.

The office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion provides valuable resources for faculty development including training and education resources on topics such as implicit bias and stereotype threat.  Visit their website at equity.ucla.edu.