The Southern California Regional Collaborative is a regional network of 2- and 4- year institutions, working together towards improving overall outcomes in STEM higher education, and in particular for students and faculty from underrepresented groups. This collaborative is working towards gaining funding for efforts that will target regional efforts to improve outcomes in STEM education through professional development for current and future faculty across 2- and 4- year colleges. This includes awareness campaigns about teaching careers at 2- and 4- year colleges and training programs for graduate students.

In particular we would work with graduate students from groups that are underrepresented in academia to address the need* to increase diversity in our regional colleges to better reflect the diversity of our students. These trainees would support teaching efforts, education research initiatives, and curriculum development needs in collaboration with their 2- year internship site. In addition, regional programming such as webinars, symposiums, conferences, panels, and other events would support both current faculty along with future faculty. This would be coupled with an assessment plan to understand regional needs and assess the impact of our work.

SoCal Regional Partnerships

Future Outlook

Pending NSF Alliance Funding:

Our hope is that our regional collaborative can obtain future funding in order to implement, assess, and develop regional programming aimed at improving STEM outcomes in Southern California.

The following graphic is our vision for a regional collaborative structure and goals:

SG2 Strategic Plan for Alliance

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