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In the past year, we have been faced with several major transformations that have upended the lives of all of us. The shift in consciousness and opening of spaces for discussion on anti-racism has challenged many of us to reconsider our cultural norms and institutional policies. We are aware that many of you experience racism every day and need support in different ways, to heal racial trauma; we will work to create and share such resources and upcoming “Becoming an Anti-Racist Educator” workshops.


CEILS has curated materials from across the nation to help us work towards a goal of equity and social justice in STEM education. This page is designed to provide resources to help you learn more about inequities in STEM and strategies to create more inclusive and equitable classroom environments and departments.

Many of the resources here were originally shared by our partners in UCLA’s Center for Diverse Leadership in Science, led by Professor Aradhna Tripati.

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