Qualitative Research Primer: Using Narrative Data In Your Teaching-as-Research Project
Tuesdays, 10/10 and 10/24: 4:30-6:30PM ET / 3:30-5:30PM CT / 2:30-4:30PM MT / 1:30-3:30PM PT
Get an introduction to analyzing narrative data (intended especially for students pursuing a TAR project).

Finding and Evaluating Educational Literature
Friday, 10/20 and 10/27: 2-3:30PM ET / 1-2:30PM CT / 12-1:30PM MT / 11AM-12:30PM PT
Learn how to find and critically evaluate literature for educational research.

Diversity Statement Workshop*
Mondays, 10/23 and 10/30: Exact time is TBD. 90-minute sessions will fall within 4:30-6:30PM ET / 3:30-5:30PM CT / 2:30-4:30PM MT / 1:30-3:30PM PT
Learn how to draft a meaningful statement that is a common part of job applications.

Creating and Owning Your Individual Development Plan*
Wednesday, 11/1: Exact time is TBD. Tentative schedule is 2-4PM ET / 1-3PM CT / 12-2PM MT / 11AM-1PM PT 
Craft a robust IDP draft and action plan by learning the components of successful, sustainable plans.

Integrating Civic Learning into the STEM Classroom
Thursdays, 11/2 and 11/9: 2:30-4PM ET / 1:30-3PM CT / 12:30-2PM MT / 11:30AM-1PM PT
Civic learning intentionally prepares students for informed and engaged participation in their communities. Learn how to develop civic learning assignments and learning goals in this workshop.

Introduction to STEM Project Based Learning
Thursdays, 11/9 and 11/16: 8-9:30PM ET / 7-8:30PM CT / 6-7:30PM MT / 5-6:30PM PT
In project-based learning, students investigate relevant, complex scientific situations to learn new concepts. Learn how to design project-based learning activities in this workshop.

Leveraging Open Source Principles and Resources for Teaching and Learning in STEM
Fridays, 11/10 and 11/17: 2-4PM ET / 1-3PM CT / 12-2PM MT / 11AM-1PM PT
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of open source educational materials and sample two platforms with hands-on activities.

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement
Thursday, 11/30: 2-4PM ET / 1-3PM CT / 12-2PM MT / 11AM-1PM PT
Draft a peer-reviewed statement that reflects your teaching beliefs and experiences.

Teaching Inclusively
Tuesday, 12/5 or 12/12 (exact date TBD): 2-4PM ET / 1-3PM CT / 12-2PM MT / 11AM-1PM PT
Practice navigating difficult classroom discussions around issues of inclusion and diversity.

5 Things To Do on the First and Last Day of Class*
Schedule TBD
Learn essential tips for making the most of your first and last days of class.