In the first year of the Career Development Curriculum for Life Science Majors, great success was made possible through the affiliation with Partnership UCLA and the ability to hire a full-time Career Specialist. At the start of year 2 (summer session 2015), a career development course, “Career Exploration in the Life Sciences” (LS110), was implemented. It was designed for lower division LS students who arrive at UCLA with undefined career plans, as well as for the large number of pre-medical students who would like to either be reassured they are on the right path or consider alternative career paths to keep their options open. Students receive 2 units of upper-division credit for completing the course.

Overarching Goals of the course:
1. Retention/Persistence in STEM majors/careers
2. Scalable to include all Life Science students by using scientific teaching methods, which then provides inclusivity and improves campus climate