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Message from Kristin Hartman (LSIC Webteam), Web Admin, Life Sciences Instructional Computing

Dear Fall Faculty,

Course websites for Fall 2021 are available for you to begin posting and updating.  Students will have access as soon as they enroll unless you hide the content, so be aware that whatever you post may be visible to enrolled students.


1) Canvas

2) iClicker

3)  Restoring old materials

4)  TA access

5)  Syllabus


In Winter 2022, UCLA will replace CCLE/Moodle with Bruin Learn as it’s learning management system (LMS). Bruin Learn is built on a service called Canvas.

All sites from the past 2 years have been imported from CCLE to Bruin Learn, so you have access to your prior content. However, the new system does not always present content in the same way. Furthermore, some activities are not yet available in Bruin Learn and some functionality may never be replicated.

If you want us to approximate your CCLE site, be advised that it will require time and collaboration. We will need more time than in the past, where importing the content resulted in an identical site.

If you prefer to start fresh or learn on your own, refer to Bruin Learn Resources at There is a section called TRAINING EVENTS that can direct you to both live and recorded resources to introduce you to Canvas. Additional information can be found at When you log in at,  you will find a “sandbox” site for experimenting with the Bruin Learn platform.

If you are having questions or concerns, we are doing our best to provide timely support and assistance  Contact me ( or / x49177) or Jonathan Rodgers ( / x60049).


If you are planning to use iClicker in your class, PLEASE be sure you remember to activate the iClicker Block on your site.  Students get very frustrated looking for the link.  The past few quarters, we have had an increasing number of users looking for the link to register their clickers after instruction has begun.  If you mention it in your syllabus, you should either turn on the block yourself (see,_Sept._2015#Adding_the_i.3Eclicker_block_to_your_Moodle_course), or ask me to turn it on for you.

If you have questions about using the iClicker student response system, you should contact UCLA’s Client Relationship Specialist for iClicker, Cullen Williams ( Instructor kits are available from CEILS. If you need help getting the software setup and integrated with your course, feel free to contact us.”


If you need previous material restored, feel free to send me an email, telling me which course & quarter you wish to be restored.  I will restore the entire old site —with everything hidden so you will need to ‘Unhide’ things.

If you prefer to perform the import yourself:

Using this method, you may select ALL or only specific items you want to restore and opt to Hide or Unhide

If your previous quarter was a Moodle site, we should be able to restore it as you designed it.  Please let me know ASAP if you want a restore.  If I haven’t heard from you by the end of 1st week of classes, I will presume you are either importing for yourself, or loading all new material.  If the course was a Blackboard site, I can probably move the material into your current site, but it will not be linked —it will be up to you to organize your Moodle site as you wish.


The #1 problem we used to hear about every quarter was about TAs not getting access to the sites .  Most often this is due to instructors not having finalized TA assignments.  BE SURE YOU HAVE COMPLETED TA SECTION ASSIGNMENTS, so they can be entered into the system.   If you are not absolutely sure if your TAs are finalized, email LSSA Scheduling at


When you log in to your site, if you have not yet posted a syllabus, you should see a notice on the front page “A syllabus has not been added to your site, would you like to add one now?”  Since it is an IEI requirement (, we do hope you will add SOMETHING PUBLIC for students who are shopping for courses and want to see what your class is about.  However, you may also post a private syllabus for your enrolled students, which may contain some more specific information for your students.

Since Spring 2011. ALL Life Sciences course websites are now being created in Moodle.  Moodle is overseen on campus by CCLE (  LSIC is no longer using Blackboard.

You can find your site(s) through these links:

When you get the link to your specific site, you can use the address in your syllabus.

Some basic Moodle help is located at

If you have more questions, feel free to contact me ( or / x49177) or Jonathan ( / x60049).

Linking materials will require you to determine how you want your site to be set up.  You are also responsible for acquiring your own copyrights or permissions for materials you use.  When you are ready, either I can walk you through the set up and posting over the phone (email me at to set up an appointment), or Jonathan can schedule to sit down with you.

Anytime, let us know if you have any questions/problems regarding your site.

Kristin Hartman (LSIC Webteam)

Web Admin

Life Sciences Instructional Computing