Introducing: Facilitated Dialogues for Inclusive Excellence in the Biosciences

Following sessions in the SABER Inclusion in Academic Biology Series

Every other Thursday Beginning Feb. 4th, 10:00 – 10:45 am PST

We are excited to announce Facilitated Dialogues for Inclusive Excellence in the Biosciences for UCLA faculty, staff, graduate students and postdocs. This will be a space for the UCLA life sciences community to engage in discussion immediately following the sessions in the “A Call to Action: Striving Towards Inclusion in Academic Biology Series”, an initiative sponsored by the Society of the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER) focused on promoting awareness, understanding, and commitment to change academic biology to be more inclusive. For more information, please visit SABER’s Diversity & Inclusion Efforts webpage.
Immediately following each SABER session, we will hold a dialogue for the UCLA Life Sciences, facilitated by CEILS. Please sign up to join the dialogue and you will be emailed a separate Zoom link.
SABER talks are Thursdays from 9–10 am PST and our dialogues will be immediately afterward in a separate Zoom room from 10–10:45 am starting January 21st to May 13th.
During this dialogue, we will create a brave space to reflect and share your ideas, thoughts and feelings generated by the presentation. We hope that by dialoguing about these topics, you will feel more connected to your colleagues and inspired to take action to address racism and inequities in higher education. Feel free to reach out to CEILS with any questions or concerns at
Please see below for a list of upcoming SABER sessions.
Addressing students’ basic needs with a culture of caring during the pandemic
Thursday, February 4th, 9 am PT
Facilitated Dialogue at 10 am PT
Sara Goldrick-Rab, PhD, Temple University
Disability culture in the academy: Stories, lessons & research
Thursday, April 1st, 9 am PT
Facilitated Dialogue at 10 am PT
Anjali Forber-Pratt, PhD, Vanderbilt University
Structural racism, institutional transformation, and diversifying the STEM faculty
Thursday, February 18th, 9 am PT
Facilitated Dialogue at 10 am PT
Kimberly Griffin, PhD, University of Maryland
Land of milk and “honey”: Confronting gendered experiences in field research
Thursday, April 15th, 9 am PT
Facilitated Dialogue at 10 am PT
Katie Hinde, PhD, Arizona State University
The influence of kindness and community in broadening participation
Thursday, March 4th, 9 am PT
Facilitated Dialogue at 10 am PT
Mica Estrada, PhD, UC San Francisco
Nature-culture relations and engaging multiple ways of knowing
Thursday, April 29th, 9 am PT
Facilitated Dialogue at 10 am PT
Megan Bang, PhD, Northwestern University
Systemic disadvantages for LGBTQ professionals in STEM
Thursday, March 18th, 9 am PT
Facilitated Dialogue at 10 am PT
Erin Cech, PhD, University of Michigan
Beyond information: Walking the path of truth, reconciliation, and liberation to make academic biology more inclusive
Thursday, May 13th, 9 am PT
Facilitated Dialogue at 10 am PT
Mays Imad, PhD, Pima Community College
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