Themed Issue of CBE – Life Science Education: Cross-disciplinary Research in Biology Education

This issue is driven by recent calls to promote research across disciplinary boundaries in STEM education and aims to facilitate cross-talk between biology education researchers, psychologists, and neuroscientists. Collaborations between BER, psychology, and neuroscience researchers can benefit all three disciplines. For example, they can allow psychology and neuroscience researchers to test their theories in the field, as much of BER is most often conducted in classrooms. These collaborations can also help BER scholars incorporate research methods and data analysis techniques from psychology and neuroscience. However, BER scholars, psychologists, and neuroscientists often have different goals and use different research practices and terminology.

Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts by July 15 for feedback about fit with LSE and the themed issue. Manuscripts should be submitted by November 15 to receive full consideration.

Please see PDF for details

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