Report: UCLA Mentoring and Evaluation of Graduate Academic Progress (MEGAP)

Robin Garrell, Vice Provost for Graduate Education along with Willeke Wendrich, Graduate Council Chair would like to bring to your attention the 2018 report of the UCLA Mentoring and Evaluation of Graduate Academic Progress (MEGAP) Workgroup . Co-Chaired by Professors Joseph Watson, Willeke Wendrich and Assistant Dean, April de Stefano, and convened by the Graduate Council and the Graduate Division, the workgroup addressed the evaluation of graduate student academic progress and the role of mentoring in enhancing student experiences and success. Specifically, MEGAP’s charge was to develop recommendations, best practices, and tools that departments/programs can use to apply the principles articulated in the  UCLA Graduate Student Academic Rights and Responsibilities (PDF)  statement.

The workgroup focused its efforts on the particular needs of doctoral students. The MEGAP report recommendations seek to foster greater student success by providing resources on mentoring for faculty and students; incentivizing mentoring at the department/program level, where the benefits reaped from effective mentoring will have the greatest impact; and mandating thoughtful and comprehensive feedback on students’ academic progress toward the Ph.D. degree. We encourage you to read the full  MEGAP Final Report (PDF) , and to consider ways in which you can apply the recommendations to support your own students’ success. We are convening a workgroup to implement the recommendations as part of UCLA’s commitment to improving teaching and mentoring at all levels.

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